Regis Vaillancourt

Regis is active with the Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section of FIP, serving of President of the section. Under his leadership the section has developed pictograms to supplement patient information. Studies on the effective use of pictograms have been performed at the University of Otago (New Zealand) and at UBC. These pictograms have been used in Pakistan by the Disaster Assistance Response Team of the Canadian Forces. Regis has also served in Afghanistan for a 35 day deployment. Regis has a background in both community and hospital pharmacy. His interest in cardiovascular health led him into working with diabetes patients and he has had success in patient care some of which he has published. He works in Ottawa and Hull. He has received the CPhA Pharmacist Diabetes Educator Award (2000), the CPhA Pharmacist of the Year Award (2004), and the CPhA International Leadership Award (2006).

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