Denise Leclerc

A Pharmacy graduate of the University of Montreal, she also holds a MSc and PhD in Pharmacy and a certificate in Hospital Pharmacy and Management. Her pharmacy career began at the University of Montreal where she was Professor of Health Administration and Hospital Pharmacy from 1966-70. In 1979 she joined Montreal’s Institute National de la Recherche Scientifique as a professor and researcher. The following year she was named president and director general of the Council of Pharmacology for Quebec’s Department of Social Affairs. She joined the Drugs Directorate of the Health Protection Branch, National Health and Welfare in 1975 as Director of the Bureau of Drug Quality Assessment. In 1982 she was named executive director of Canadian Blood Committee, established in 1981 to oversee health issues concerning blood. During her career she has served as Governor of the College of Pharmacists of Quebec and as a member of CPhA’s editorial board for CPS. She was a member of the Canadian delegation to the World Health Assembly in Geneva and the Pan-American Health Conference in Grenada in 1978. The author of numerous articles of scientific research, Dr. Leclerc received the Annual Award of the Association of Graduates of the University of Montreal in 1977. She was a member of the National Advisory Committee on AIDS from 1984-85 and served on the Service Advisory Committee for the Canadian Red Cross Society from 1982-89, during which they ran the Canadian Blood Transfusion service. Denise received the CPhA Award of Achievement in 1990

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