Charles F. Cummer

Birth Year : 1887
Death Year : 1954

Charles F. Cummer was a dedicated and successful pharmacist whose career spanned several decades. Born in Wallaceburg, Ontario in 1887, Charles attended the Ontario College of Pharmacy in Toronto, graduating in 1908. He subsequently traveled to Edmonton but accepted a position with the Liggett Company in 1919 and moved to Winnipeg. In 1920, after a transfer within the company, Charles returned to Edmonton, his home for the rest of his life. He was promoted to manager of the Liggett Company’s Rexall pharmacy in 1921 on the corner of Jasper and 101 Street. After 25 years of service, he retired in 1946. Charles was a member of the Alberta Druggists’ Association and enjoyed gardening and bridge, as well as hockey. He died in 1954 at the age of 67. During his lengthy pharmacy career, Charles was frequently recognized by the Liggett company for his exemplary work and dedication. On the occasion of his promotion, the "Canadian Liggett Leader", a company newsletter, reported Charles’ store served as "the neatest, cleanest and most up-to-date”, and that "Mr. Cummer gives everything his personal attention and supervision". Charles’ store made the "Own Goods Honor Roll" several times and Charles made the "Own Goods Honor Roll" in 1922. The Rexall chain encouraged their stores to sell Rexall (Own Goods) products whenever possible and this represented about a third of the store sales. A scholarship at the University of Alberta is established in his name.

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