Cheryl Cox

Cheryl Cox and Arlene Ponting developed a geriatric pharmacy course that incorporated both problem-based learning and distance education strategies. Hundreds of pharmacists at many sites have taken the course and applied it in providing services to older patients. They have received international recognition for their work on continuing education in Pharmacy. They have presented their work at Denmark’s First International Conference on Lifelong Learning in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (1989). They also gave a presentation on problem based learning in 1991 at the CPhA Conference in Newfoundland and at a continuing education conference organized by the American Pharmaceutical Association. Cheryl Cox is a pharmacy graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and has completed an MBA from the University of Alberta. She is on staff at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta. Cheryl was awarded the CPhA Award of Achievement (with Arlene Ponting) in 1993.

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